Jenson’s Magnus Mastermind – Black Shire Stallion

Passage Creek Shires – Jenson’s Magnus Mastermind – Black Shire Stallion (ASHA 22881-S), Black Shire Stallion sired by Snelson Magnus, a Super Premium Shire Stallion and Peterborough show winner.

Born in 2002 out of Fox Valley Serenity, Mag has a large and generous heart.  He passes his temperament and kindness on to his children.  His offspring have personality and intelligence.  He passes on his beautiful prominent eyes as well as his well balanced conformation.  He has wonderful bone and wonderful feet and feathering.  Lots of mane and tail.  He has a show attitude.  He is a show horse, a work horse, and a buddy. He loves games.  He can do trails, barrel racing, pole bending, and can wear a costume with attachments all over his body. 

He was Reserve Champion Stallion at the VDHMA Draft Show, Nov 2011.  His son Poetry Man, 6 months, placed Third in his class against multiple breeds.  A strong showing for Poe in a big class.


Mag in Dodge Ram Commercial

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