Passage Creek Shire Horses

Pictured in Video:

Nicholas – 3 Years, Bay Shire/TB Cross, sired by Magnus and out of Thoroughbred Mare “Big Bay.  A magnificent example of what Magnus can produce with a good Thoroughbred Mare.

Shire filly, Blue Halter, 3 whites.  Passage Creek Melody 2 yrs, sired by Magnus, out of Passage Creek Harmony.

Shire filly, Red Halter, Passage Creek Honor Their Memory, 1 year, sired by Willie, out of Jacobies Rhianna.

Shire Mare, Green Halter, 3 black legs, Walkabout’s Amazing Grace, in foal to Willie for June 2012.

Red Halter, 3 white legs, Jenson’s Diplomat Tracy, owned by Ashley Shilling.

Also, Gypsy Vanner Colt, Sir Galahad’s Gypsy Crusade, now 2 yrs. Standing at Passage Creek for 2011 in his Introductory Season.

Passage Creek Quicksilver, Palomino QH gelding, now 3.  He is sold and starting his new life.

Passage Creek Shires Video Below from May 2010.

Shire [shahyuhr]–noun one of an English breed of large, strong draft horses having a usually brown or bay coat with white markings.

Shire Stallions

See Passage Creek Shire Stallions past and present.

Shire Mares

View Passage Creek Shire Mares. Beautiful Ladies!

Shires for Sale

Shire Horses for sale and ones that we have sold.

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